ANNE MARIE HOWARD knew she wanted to be an actress from the moment she set foot onstage in CAROUSEL at the age of four.

Currently based in Los Angeles, impressive credits range from starring in films, beginning with the cult classic John Carpenter’s PRINCE OF DARKNESS, to guest-starring in countless TV series such as HOUSE OF CARDS, CRIMINAL MINDS, MONK, NIP/TUCK, CASTLE, PRIVATE PRACTICE, and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.

Favorite film experiences include working with Nicolas Cage, Bryant Gumbel and Wolfgang Puck in THE WEATHER MAN directed by Gore Verbinski, fine-tuning her comedy chops with Adam Sandler and Kevin Nealon in YOU DON’T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN, and joining a prestigious ensemble cast led by Steve Martin and Claire Danes in SHOPGIRL.

Her work in NBC daytime dramas, ANOTHER WORLD and DAYS OF OUR LIVES, brought her much attention as Nicole Love and Kimberly Brady Donovan.

Actor, artist, runner, biker, kayaker, traveler, adventurer, writer, Anne Marie Howard is fueled by curiosity, inspired by kindness, motivated by gratitude, and driven by all things creative.

She is the CEO of Queen of Everything, Inc and has been running her own company for over 20 years.